- Anita Scuderi -

Anita. She's all about that hair. More importantly, she's all about you and your hair.

When you have the Anita experience, you will encounter a hairstylist with 15 years of industry experience. A hairstylist who has travelled to London and Los Angeles to undertake courses with Vidal Sassoon to take her to the cutting edge of hair design, care and product. A hairstylist who will only use the best on your locks.

Since she has been trained by the best and only uses the best products, she has been recognised by the best. This means continuous invitations to Melbourne Fashion Week and Perth Fashion Week to use her innovative designs and techniques on runway models.

Anita wants you to have the best hair experience possible, so she constantly trains and studies all things hair related. Recently, Anita graduated as a  L'Oreal Professional ID Artist, worked back stage at AHFA- Australia hair and fashion awards  and L'Oreal Colour Finals. 

Within the industry, Anita is known for her creativity, her focus on her clients and her ability to pick trends and to personalise these for her clients. Anita believes a great haircut is more than getting your hair cut. She believes a great haircut has the power to evoke renewed confidence, vibrancy & self-empowerment.

Above all else, Anita will be honest with you. If it won’t work, she will tell you how it is.

So there you have it, our visionary, Anita - The girl with the years of experience, the continuous cutting edge training, the invitations to coveted events with the honesty and passion to give you not only the best haircut, but an incredible salon experience. 

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VHS xoxoxo